Our workshop programmes are aimed at using visualisation methods to demonstrate the perception given and received due to lack of self-esteem in:
• Role play
• Perception art
• Model walk
• Etiquette
• Vision board

We offer a 4 to 6 week programme or an hourly session of 1 hour 30 minutes duration. Each workshop programme is tailored to benefit our clients, inclusive of our ‘Domino effect, Image lounge, health hub and Interactive focus groups’, enabling them to build a fresh mind set, personal maturity and a new life journey.

We provide group or one-to-one workshop programmes and offer ‘mentorship aftercare’ ensuring the development of the service meets the desired needs of the client, encompassing their social, emotional, educational, cultural, religious and recreational needs.  All clients are awarded a professional mini photo-shoot inclusive of hair, makeup, a fashion and beauty goody bag and an RFA Beauty Foundation certification on completion of each workshop programme.

CV, CRB and references available upon request.