The Founder

The founder of RFA Beauty foundation has an inborn humanitarian spirit with a desire to help females going through hardship. She founded the RFA Beauty Foundation in her teens in 1996 after watching a news documentary on the torture, abuse and killings of people in Africa; she vowed to contribute one day to change by dedicating her time and energy to creating a safe haven for both young and old females.

Rachel’s story

As a painfully shy child, Rachel struggled to express herself, and found it difficult to fit in; she became an easy target for bullies who taunted her about both her physical characteristics and her abilities. Despite suffering daily emotional abuse by her tormentors, she refused to live her life according to those emotions. Fortunately, her love for music became an outlet for her frustrations; her subsequent passion for the arts developed her instincts towards other therapeutic activities such as dancing, drawing, painting, creative writing, singing, acting, photography and other artistic areas.

Growing up in the fast-paced East End of London, she experienced more deprecating comments from her peers, who made her feel she had no talent and would never accomplish anything. However, with a desire to succeed in life, she decided to educate herself and gained a BA Hons in music at Chichester University; she also went on to achieve certified awards in IT/computing, business studies, drama, art, design and much more. Her belief in following a meaningful career to serve others in need of help was now coming to fruition.

A combination of daily prayers from her mother, together with a strong faith in God and her own powerful self-belief, led her to become ‘The voice for the unspoken females’. Rachel is now a successful empowerment advocate, covering prohibited issues at nationwide events, whilst running the RFA Beauty Foundation. Running this organisation infuses her gifts and talents positively to create an environment of freedom and restoration, whilst building on the personal development of females.

The RFA Beauty Foundation is a testimony to her life struggle, born from pain and suffering, yet offering a sanctuary to abused females. She frequently conducts workshops, seminars, conferences and presentations both in the capital and nationwide. In addition, Rachel is always excited to connect with other like-minded individuals, businesses and organisations, which have similar objectives as the RFA Beauty Foundation.