Purity Donation

RFA Beauty Foundation takes pride in supporting and offering comfort to all females, with whom we connect. The Purity donation is aimed at restoring the emotional stability of females who have suffered in the aftermath of abuse and feel violated. Now that the demand for our services has increased, together with our desire to reach more females, we are appealing to those who can make a donation, whether regularly or one-off, to support our expanding outreach.

We specifically need the following:
-Educational books
-Female toiletries
-Feminine care products
-Makeup products (Un-used)
-Female clothing and shoes
-Tinned food

For cash donations, please use the donation tab below.  All proceeds will be donated to females in hostels, care, shelters and who are homeless. If you would like information on all other forms of donation, please email: info@rfabeautyfoundation.org and one of our directors will contact you.

We appreciate your continuous support of the vision and works of RFA Beauty Foundation. No amount, aimed at positively influencing lives, is too much or too small. Thank you.

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