Our Values

– Develop and manage our mentoring service
– Oversee our external voluntary mentors
– Develop mentoring packs for new mentors
– Referr low intensity client/mentee
– Monitor client/mentee progression
– Monitor mentor and mentee relationship
– Interview and recruit suitable mentoring candidates
– Liaise with organisations, schools etc to identify which client/mentee are in need of mentoring
– Compose client/mentee analysis reports
– Create and deliver bespoke intervention enrichment workshops
– Plan and schedule interventions
– Plan empowerment trips and activities
– Plan and deliver workshops with volunteers
– Design projects to encourage females to express themselves through art, crafts, design and develop new skills
– Work within budgetary requirements of the RFA Beauty Foundation for ordering materials/ equipments
– Motivate and encourage females to take part in all activities

Deliver focus groups to progress client/mentee social skills and confidence:
– Friendship building
– Organisation skills
– Time management
– Identity awareness
– Self esteem awareness
– Confidence awareness

Deliver intervention groups to progress client/mentee learning and abilities:
– Phonics
– Numeracy
– Mental maths
– Memory skills
– Speech and language

Create interactive workshops on topical issues such as:
– Low Self Esteem
– Low Self Confidence
– Promiscuity
– Reducing Sexual Activity
– Identity Awareness

We ensure to:
– Liaise with team members if any change of circumstance
– Refer clients to other accurate organisations and therapist
– Session plan and records logging system
– Non-judgemental and confidentiality contract (Unless we feel our clients/mentees are in danger)
– Setting up an aftercare programme