May 14th

Mental Health Awareness Week – SHE SHARES

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In honour of Mental Health Awareness week, we wanted to introduce our new segment titled ‘SHE SHARES’

SHE SHARES is an empowerment tool, aiding females of all ages and all walks of life, learn ways to overcome personal and social struggles which affect their mental health, physical health and everyday living.

We are actively seeking and promoting females to ‘share’ their real stories on how they dealt with these various factors and how they are developing, so other females can relate – NOT feel isolated, which often leads to loneliness, depression, anxiety and unfortunately in some cases, suicide.

Please join us now and share your story >>CLICK HERE<<

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Mar 26th

Happy mother’s day

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Mother’s day, a day of appreciation, celebration and honour of all the great, strong mothers out there, working hard, striving and providing for their children. We salute you and all your efforts. – RFA Beauty

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Mar 8th

International Women’s Day

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To all the beautiful, brave, strong, hardworking and purposeful women. Celebrate yourself and each other. Let’s keep striving for change and keep the movement alive!

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Feb 17th

In Celebration

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RFA Beauty foundation is delighted to celebrate an ‘Awards For All’ grant from the Big Lottery Fund for our forth coming project (name to be announced) helping females living in Croydon.

This project will offer many young females a more stable and possibly warmer environment that they are offered at home in which they can begin to take pride in their bodies and who they are without feeling they are useless.  We like the idea of developing beauty activities which will help young women feel far more positive about themselves and hopefully, will help them look at eg: education/career in a more positive light.

We are confident that once we start to deliver this project, there will be many people within the local community who will notice the positive difference we are making and may even wish to help. We believe that we will begin to help young women to trust themselves, to learn how to trust other people and in time learn how to live within a community without resorting to violence, crime or despair.

By delivering this project, we hope to achieve our outcomes; of a measurable increase in self-awareness, self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love. Personal development, knowledge, understanding, a support system/network and help with specialised needs for the individual.

Full details will be announced shortly and a big THANK YOU to the Big Lottery Fund for supporting our work.

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