Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower, and restore self-worth, to females who have been victims of abuse. By offering valuable guidance and support, we promote a variety of wellbeing initiatives to help boost self-confidence.

About Us

The RFA Beauty Foundation is a registered charity, established in 2014, committed to enriching the lives of women who have been affected by domestic violence, abuse, homelessness, prostitution, discrimination, neglect, addiction or other types of abuse. Many of these issues lead to low self-esteem, which often results in self-harming and mental health issues.

The RFA Beauty Foundation reaches out to females from all backgrounds and ethnicities who have been victims of circumstance. We provide courses on basic life and social skills, with self-development training, to help tackle the underlying issues. The creative workshops we run focus on a holistic approach and include beauty, fashion, art, photography, music therapy, design and other creative areas.

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Zero Campaigns


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Beauty Counselling

Beauty counselling is devised in such a way that it works on the root core issues and challenges faced by females, delivering high quality training in our image lounge, workshop programmes, health hub and interactive focus groups.

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